Welcome to the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency

Cultural Fund

Objectives of the JAMCOPY Cultural Fund

  • Provide training for rightsholders to improve their skill in creation and management of their copyrighted works.
  • Support activities which strengthen creator organisations and empower creators to earn respect and remuneration for their works, in particular the community that JAMCOPY serves.
  • Support competitions and awards to motivate and reward excellence in creative works and enhance appreciation for creative works.
  • Support activities and projects for marketing and distributing Jamaican works locally and abroad.
  • Support well established national (Jamaican) organisations and institutions which promote and preserve creative works.


Creator organisations that can apply for support include:

  • Guild of Artists
  • Photographic Club
  • (BIAJ) Book Industry Association of Jamaica
  • Visual and Performing Artists of Jamaica (VPAJ)
  • Caribbean Publishers Network (CAPNET)
  • Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC)
  • Jamaica Library Service
  • Institute of Jamaica
  • Edna Manley School for the Visual & Performing Arts
  • National Gallery
  • National Library of Jamaica