Welcome to the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency

Who We Represent

JAMCOPY represents the creators and publishers of most of the literary works published in Jamaica.

Associations representing creators and publishers are our Members. The individual creators and publishers are our Affiliates.

Current Members:

  • the Book Industry Association of Jamaica (BIAJ)
  • Jamaica Federation of Musicians (JFM)
  • Jamaica Guild of Artists (JGA)
  • Jamaica Writing Society (JaWs)
  • West Indies Group University Teachers (WIGUT)
  • National Association of Teachers of English (NATE)
  • Jamaica Journal Publishers Association(JJPA)
  • Press Association of Jamaica.

Affiliates: The over 900 JAMCOPY Affiliates reflect a wide range of creators and publishers of text and image-based works in Jamaica including textbooks, novels, poetry, anthologies, storybooks, scholarly books, newspaper, journals, magazines, visual art and printed music.

Through its bilateral agreements with over 40 foreign RROs, JAMCOPY also administers an expanding repertoire of literary works published abroad.

Bilateral partners:

  1. USA/Copyright Clearance Centre (CCC)
  2. United Kingdom/Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)
  3. Canada/Access Copyright
  4. Canada/COPIBEC
  5. Argentina/(CADRA)
  6. Australia/(CAL)
  7. Barbados/Barbados Copyright Agency (B-COPY)
  8. Belgium/(REPROBEL)
  9. Belize/(BECLA)
  10. Brazil/(ABDR)
  11. Burkina Faso (BBDA)
  12. Colombia/(CDR)
  13. Finland/(KOPIOSTO)
  14. Georgia /(GCA)
  15. Ghana/(COPYGHANA)
  16. Greece/(OSDEL)
  17. Hong Kong/(HKRRLS)
  18. Iceland/(FJOLIS)
  19. India/(IRRO)
  20. Japan/(JAACC)
  1. Kenya/(KOPIKEN)
  2. Korea/(KORRA)
  3. Malta/(KOPJAMALT)
  4. Malawi /(COSOMA)
  5. Mauritius/(MATA-MRMS)
  6. Mexico/(CEMPRO)
  7. New Zealand/(CLL)
  8. Nigeria/(REPRONIG)
  9. Norway/(KOPINOR)
  10. OECS Member States/(ECCLA)– Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St. Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines
  11. Romania (CopyRo)
  12. Russia/(COPYRUS)
  13. Singapore/(CLASS)
  14. Slovakia/(LITA)
  15. South Africa/(DALRO)
  16. Spain/(CEDRO)
  17. Switzerland/(ProLitteris)
  18. Trinidad & Tobago/(TTRRO)
  19. Zambia / (ZARRSO)
  20. Zimbabwe/(ZIMCOPY)