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The Jamaica Copyright Act gives creators and publishers the exclusive right to reproduce their work.  It would be difficult for each rightsholder to administer this right individually given the extensive demand for copies of copyright works. Persons needing permission to make copies would also have difficulty locating and negotiating with individual rightsholders. JAMCOPY represents a one-stop shop for users where they can obtain legal and convenient access on reasonable terms.

Benefits of Joining JAMCOPY
By joining JAMCOPY, creators and publishers administer their rights collectively which presents an efficient alternative. Other benefits of joining JAMCOPY include:

  • Better control of the amount of copying done
  • Assured remuneration from the licence fees collected from users
  • International protection of their works through JAMCOPY's reciprocal agreements with RROs in other countries; these countries give the same protection to JAMCOPY's authors as they give to their own nationals
  • Benefiting from any legal action that JAMCOPY may initiate to obtain remedy for copyright infringement
  • Educating users of copyright work, through collective action, about the need to respect copyright and comply with the law

Eligibility for Joining
Creators and publishers of literary, artistic, dramatic or musical works can join JAMCOPY if they have at least one original work published in printed form. These include:

  • writers
  • poets
  • journalists
  • painters
  • sculptors
  • graphic designers
  • illustrators
  • playwrights
  • songwriters
  • composers
  • cartographers

Publishing categories include books, magazines, journals, newspapers and music.
Both individual creators and organisations that are rightsholders themselves or which have been assigned copyright by creators can join JAMCOPY.

Copyright holders join JAMCOPY free of cost by signing an Affiliation Agreement.  This agreement authorises JAMCOPY to manage their reproduction rights on their behalf.