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Cultural Fund


The objectives of the JAMCOPY Cultural Fund (JCF) are to:
  • Provide training for rightsholders to improve their skill in creation and management of their copyrighted works.
  • Support activities which strengthen creator organizations and empower creators to earn respect and remuneration for their works, in particular the community that JAMCOPY serves.
  • Support competitions and awards to motivate and reward excellence in creative works and enhance appreciation for creative works.
  • Support activities and projects for marketing and distributing Jamaican works locally and abroad.
  • Support well established national (Jamaican) organizations and institutions which promote and preserve creative works.
  1. Training initiatives supported by the JCF, whether in part or whole, should seek to improve the capacity/capabilities of the category of rightsholders targeted. The following are guidelines for the initiatives that could be supported, by sector:
    1. Music – projects that improve songwriters’ skills (e.g. songwriters’ boot camps) and or provide training in scoring music.
    2. Visual Arts – emphasis on final year visual arts students; seminars and workshops for visual artists generally.
    3. Literature – projects that
      1. encourage and project writing as a viable career path;
      2. increase and enhance the skills of writers (textbook, children’s fiction and adult fiction) and others related to writing (editors, copy-editors, proof readers, book designers, etc.); and
      3. assist self-published authors to improve the standards of their publications.
  2. The following creator organizations were identified as the organizations that JAMCOPY would seek to work with:
    1. Guild of Artists
    2. Photographic Club
    3. (BIAJ) Book Industry Association of Jamaica
    4. Visual and Performing Artists of Jamaica (VPAJ)
    5. Caribbean Publishers Network (CAPNET)
    6. An authors’ association, if such an organization was to be instituted
    7. Any other organization that the JAMCOPY Board determines.
  3. The following well established national (Jamaican) organizations and institutions were identified as those that promote and preserve creative works and which the JCF could support:
    1. Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC)
    2. Jamaica Library Service
    3. Institute of Jamaica
    4. Edna Manley School for the Visual & Performing Arts
    5. National Gallery
    6. National Library of Jamaica
  4. The projects which the JCF supported should be determined by the level of impact that would be desirous, so that JAMCOPY is not limited to just a few organizations, but would seek to align the organization with appropriate projects that meet the forgoing objectives and are relevant to the promotion of the Jamaican culture.

  5. There is a 2-year cycle for allocation of funds/projects supported.  In Year 1 in the cycle, support would be split amongst all the groups – Music, Visual Arts and Literature. In Year 2 would support will be directed to a biennial literary competition; Year 3 back to splitting for all groups; year 4 literary competition; and so on.
  6. Sectors will be supported proportionally with the revenue derived from the respective sectors; accordingly ,
    1. 70% to literature
    2. 20% to visual arts
    3. 10% to music

The Fund begins operations in May 2013. Applications should be submitted to the General Manager at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.